Quality Control

Quality Control Department (QCD) of BCG Vaccine Laboratory is situated on the 1st floor of old building BCGVL. Total area of QCD is approximately 2700 Square feet. It includes clean room facility, Media preparation room, Microbiology laboratory, washing room, Instrumentation room, Water testing room and documentation room.

The principle duties of Quality Control Department are as follows ;

  1. To prepare detailed Standard Operating Procedure for all works carried out in Quality Control Department
  2. Sampling of raw materials, chemicals
  3. Preparation of Media
  4. Suitability testing of Medium/media
  5. Raw Material Testing
  6. In-process Quality Control Testing
  7. Final Lot Testing
  8. Primary &Secondary packaging material testing
  9. Environmental monitoring of all clean room facilities
  10. Suitability testing of Personal Protective Equipments & other miscellaneous products
  11. Storage and maintenance of Retention Samples

Quality Control Department is equiped well with sophisticated equipments to undertake the required tests. Few equipment are mentioned below 

Instruments, Equipments & Machineries available at the lab

  • Autoclave 
  • Dry Heat Sterilizer
  • Inspissator
  • Laminar airflow 
  • Refrigerators
  • Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) incubators
  • Electrical Weighing Balance
  • Deep freezers
  • Double beam UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
  • Karl Fischer equipment
  • Ultra-Low Volume fogger
  • Humidity chambers
  • PCR equipment