Laboratory Animal House

The laboratory animal house (LAH) facility at BCGVL is a standalone building located inside the premises and markedly distant from the production and other ancillary facilities. The institute is registered with CCSEA vide 358/GO/ReRcBi/S/2001/CPCSEA from 19.01.2001 and subsequently renewed its registration, current renewal is valid till 23/08/2026. The animal house is maintained in accordance with the CCSEA guidelines which are subjected to annual inspection by the respective authorities.

The laboratory animal house (LAH) facility comprises of Breeding animal house at first floor and Experimental animal house at ground floor. The activities at the breeding animal house include breeding and weaning of guinea pigs which is planned to meet the supply of animals for the testing requirement of the production. The activity at experimental animal house involves testing the vaccine for potency and safety in accordance with Indian Pharmacopeia guidelines.

CCSEA approved institutional animal ethical committe monitors the care, welfare, usage of animals and ethical guidelines are strictly adhered with. The minimum of two meetings of IAEC will be conducted in a year and the facilities will be inspected by the IAEC members periodically.

The LAH currently houses about 300 breeders of Dunkin Hartley breed of guinea pigs, in deep litter system in Breeding animal house and capacity to house 108 batches of testing animals in Experimental animal house.

Institutional Animal Ethics Committee members and Designation in IAEC:

Name of the IAEC member Designation in IAEC
Dr. B. Sekar,Consultant ( Micro), BCG Vaccine Laboratory, Guindy Chennai-32 Biological scientist(Chairperson)
Dr. T.F. Hassan,Chief Medical Officer( SAG),BCG Vaccine Laboratory, Guindy Chennai-32 Scientist from different biological discipline
Dr Anand S .Veterinarian,BCG Vaccine Laboratory, Guindy Chennai-32 Veterinarian(Member Secretary)
Dr .R. Balaje,Technical Supervisor,BCG Vaccine Laboratory, Guindy Chennai-32 Scientist from different biological discipline
Smt .D. Hema,Technical Supervisor,BCG Vaccine Laboratory, Guindy Chennai-32 Scientist In-charge of Animal house facility
Dr R. Ananda Raja,Senior Scientist,ICAR – Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture, 75, Santhome High Road, R. A. puram,Chennai 600028 Main Nominee
Dr A. Gopinathan,Assistant Professor & Head,Dept of Animal Genetics and Breeding, Veterinary College Research Institute, Udumalpet Link Nominee
Dr A. Muthuvel,Assistant Professor & National Institute of Siddha, Dept of AYUSH, TambaramSanitorium, Chennai -47 Scientist from outside the Institute
Dr R. Aruna Devi,Research officer, Captain srinivasaMurti Drug Research Institute for Ayurveda, Dept of AYUSH, Chennai,Tamil Nadu Socially Aware Nominee