Year Particulars
1948 Laboratory for production of BCG Vaccine was built by Government of India at King Institute, Guindy,Madras, with Assistance from UNICEF.
1948 BCG vaccine was supplied in ampoules in liquid form.
1973 Introduced production of Freeze Dried BCG Vaccine in 50doses/ampoule.
1982 Production of Freeze dried BCG Vaccine in 20 doses/ampoule.
1993 Production of BCG Cancer Immuno-therapeutic(40mg/vial) for use in Urinary bladder cancer therapy initiated and continued till 2007.
2001 Changed production of BCG Vaccine from Ampoules to Vials (10 doses/vial)
2016 New GMP facility for Manufacturing was established through M/s. HLL (Project Management Consultant) at the sanctioned project cost of Rupees 64.70 crores. Trial License obtained for cGMP facility.
2019 Grant of Manufacture and sale Licence (Commercial Licence) received on 01.10.2019.
Initiated manufacturing of Commercial batches of BCG Vaccine from December 2019 in new GMP facility.
2020 Initiated the supply of BCG Vaccine from new GMP facility to Universal Immunization Programme, GOI.