• Engineering Section office is situated in the ground floor of the main building of BCGVL.  The workshop for Engineering Section situated opposite to the Animal House.
  • All the record works, planning of preventive maintenance activities and maintenance work are carried out in the Engineering Section office.  Minor repair works are being carried out in the workshop area.
  • The operation / preventive maintenance / breakdown maintenance of the following equipments are carried out by the Engineering section.
1 Water Plant

Pre-Treatment System

RO System

Purified Water Generation System

Purified Water Storage & Distribution

Pure Steam Generation Plant

WFI Generation Plant

WFI  Storage & Distribution

2 Air Compressor
3 Boiler Plant (Indian Boiler Regulations [IBR] )
4 Fire Fighting Room
5 Electrical HT / LT  installations
6 HVAC systems (Building Management System[BMS]

Chiller Plants

Brine Chiller Plant

Air Handling Units(AHU)

Treated Fresh Air units(TFA)

Ventilation Unit System (VUS)

Cold Rooms

Filter Cleaning Machine

7 Treatment Plants

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

Sewage Treatment Plant(STP)

8 Online Vial Washing  & Depyrogenation
9 Online Vial Filling & Half Stoppering machine
10 Lyophilizer
11 Vial capping machine


  • Apart from the above, preventive maintenance / breakdown maintenance of all the Equipments, machineries are carried out by the Engineering Department.  The names of the equipments are as follows.
1 Static Pass box / Dynamic  Pass box
2 Garment cubicle
3 Bio-Safety Cabinet
4 Autoclave
5 Dry Heat Sterilizer (DHS)
6 Dispensing booth
7 Incubator
8 Media Preparation
9 Media Dispenser
10 Refrigerator
11 Deep Freezer
12 Garment washing machine
13 Clean room vacuum cleaner
14 Mobile Gen Set
15 Diesel Generator Set
16 Peristaltic pump
17 Data Logger
18 On Line Particle Counter
19 Garment Cubicle
20 Laminar air flow
21 Ceiling Laminar flow
22 Mobile Laminar flow
23 Vial inspection & Coding  Machine
24 Vial Labeling Machine
25 VVM Applicator
26 Bio waste Inactivation plant
  • Apart from the preventive maintenance activities, the Engineering section officials are engaged 24 x 7 basis for the monitor / rectification work of critical equipments like Cold Rooms, Incubator, Boiler, HVAC systems, which are in operation continuously throughout the year.
  • The duties of the Engineering Officials are planned in such a way that, to address the issues in the critical equipments during out of office hours / holidays also etc.  This will ensure the uninterrupted operation of the critical utilities.